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Capturing Life's Precious Moments

Experience the world through the lens of Mallory Kates, where every picture tells a story.


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I spent much of my professional life on the other side of the camera, writing and directing  multi-media projects for corporate clients like Apple Computer, Rockwell International, Visa, the US military and dozens in between.

When I was free to choose what I do for a living, I turned to my first creative love.  Making photographs.

A mentorship with Kirsten Lewis led me to become a pretty good documentary  family photographer.  When Covid put that world on pause,  I looked to my early photography heroes...Duane Michals, Jerry Ulsemann and Robert Heinecken for inspiration, and Susan Burnstine for contemporary guidance. 

Now I study with Sharon Tenenbaum and try to follow the photographer's dictum to photograph not what it looks like, but what it feels like. 


Behind the Lens

As a photography enthusiast, I strive to convey emotions, stories, and the beauty of life through my lens. Every click captures a unique narrative, and I take pride in curating compelling content that speaks to the heart. Join me in exploring the world of photography and uncovering its endless possibilities.

Family Portraits 

Family is where life begins and love never ends. Through my lens, I aim to encapsulate the warmth, joy, and bond shared within a family. Let's embark on a visual journey that celebrates togetherness and creates timeless memories.


Delve into the heartwarming world of our Pets portfolio, where every photograph celebrates the playful antics and loyal companionship of our beloved animals. From curious cats to faithful dogs, each image captures the joy and bond shared between pets and their owners, showcasing their unique personalities and tender moments.


In our People portfolio, we celebrate the diversity and beauty of human expression. From candid street photography to carefully composed portraits, each image captures the unique essence and story of its subject. Experience the depth of emotion and personality in every face.

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What our client says

Carliss & Jeff Erickson

Mallory...You were the best gift we could have given to our clients.  They're thrilled with the photos and the book - and so are WE!  Can't wait to have you do a shoot with our own family.  

Join the Visual Story


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