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As a Photographer in Boulder I have a lot of thoughts, stories and tips to share from my shoots. This blog is my go-to place for posting about the work I do - whether it's  lifestyle photography for family portraits, business or environmental portraits, and other miscellaneous photography topics.

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Can a Family/Lifestyle Photographer Also Do Business Photography?

Commercial Photographer in Boulder, Colorado - Agriculture

No surprise, but of course I'd say SURE! I got my start as a visual communicator in the corporate world and I still love business photography assignments. In the last few years I've made photos inside the highly secured worlds of "the cloud" (huge, protected rooms filled with servers), of commercial kitchens and restaurants, organic farms, bee research facilities, design studios and more. In all of them, I bring the same skills and interest that I bring to pet photography and day in the life family photography and portraiture.

On this page are a few samples -there are stories behind each of these photos and they're meaningful not only to those who are in them, but to the customers and clients who want to know what it takes and who it takes to make the companies they work with tick. Like the farm hand driving the tractor in the photo above...this guy loves his work and he was having a great time that autumn afternoon. Off to his right was the man who owns the organic farm that grows the vegetables I was there to make pictures of.

The professional kitchen seen below was being filmed the same day I was on a still shoot. It's incredible how efficient and fast-moving those teams are. I mean both the kitchen staff and the filmmakers.

Commercial Photographer in Boulder, CO – Commercial Kitchen
Boulder Commercial Photographer – Commercial Kitchen in Boulder

The tools seen here are from a shoot for a custom home building firm in Boulder, County - Petra Home Builders. I knew I wanted to show how focused and dedicated their team of craftsmen were, not just tell.

Boulder Commercial Photographer – Contractor Tools of the Trade

I'll be saying more about these folks in coming blogs.

Boulder Commercial Photographer – Portrait of Owner of Restaurant

Boulder Commercial Photographer – Beekeeper


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