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 Mallory Kates,


Like a lot of photographers, I started making pictures early. When I was eleven years old I made a photo album for my parents that I called "This is Your Life!" And I have it to this day.  But my professional life found me on the other side of the camera.  For over twenty years I wrote and directed photo projects for corporate clients including companies from Apple Computer to Visa International, to the US military and dozens in between.

When I was free to choose what I do for a living, I knew I wanted to be the one making the pictures, not the one telling the photographer what to shoot.

While I had a strong background in visual storytelling, the professional in me demanded formal training.  I know many great photographers who are proudly self-taught but I do not claim to be.  I sought out the best teachers and mentors I could find and invested several years in dedicated study, practice, critiques and internships.  Photography is a field where learning never stops.  I learned so much from Chris Corradino of The New York Institute of Photography, from my mentorship with Kirsten Lewis,

and most recently from the incredibly talented artist and teacher,

Sharon Tenenbaum.  

Now, I work every day to integrate what I've learned about photography, the world around me, and the human beings we all are into the work I produce.  I'm lucky to work with great clients. Please contact me to find out how to become one of them.



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