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What Clients Say

Mallory...You were the best gift we could have given to our clients.  They're thrilled with the photos and the book - and so are WE!  Can't wait to have you do a shoot with our own family.  Carliss & Jeff Erickson

Hi Mallory - we had such a great time having you here for Bex’s first birthday (!) — you fit right into our family. And we LOVE the photos and the books are great. Thank you again!  Lauren Crowder, Denver

Mallory, it was so much fun having you do the farm shoots - And we love the photos! So authentic - really captured the people and the harvest.  Thank you so much!  Jim Mills, CEO, Farmhand Organics


"I have to tell you that  Peter said the shot of Nico and the blocks is not only the greatest shot of Nico, but it’s the greatest shot of any kid!  As for me, I really loved how you captured who we are.  "A this is us" sort of thing.  I didn't feel like I was on a stage or performing for someone.  You were just comfortably there."  Jaye.

"The book is great - and we loved having you here shooting!"  John Z.

Wow Mallory -- your turned our beloved Gretchen into ART!  Fantastic - and thank you!!

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Boulder.

“The afternoon you spent photographing our family was one of our happiest times together before my father passed away. All of us treasure these photos. They captured our father’s spirit and his love of family.”

Michele Wells, Boulder.

 "Mallory has an incredible eye for capturing the most precious moments. She becomes part of the environment and allowed our family to be themselves. The photos capture a sweetness and reality that allow us to reflect and re-experience when we look at our book. Her talent and personality provide a perfect combination for an enjoyable day and lasting happy memories."   Amanda Mones, Boulder

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